CEX.IO review : is it still safe in 2018 ?

If you want to buy or sell Bitcoins, then you’re on the right page. Cex.io is the ultimate place for Bitcoin trading. It enables you to trade Bitcoins at fair prices and with heightened security and conveniently. It provides much ease when trading, all you have to do is deposit funds from your bank using bank transfer or your VISA/MasterCard.


Background of Cex.io

Cex.io goes way back to 2013 when it was established. It was the first cloud mining provider. It leveraged on the increased circulation of Bitcoin news. Over the years it has evolved and taken over the currency market to be a multi-faceted cryptocurrency exchange.

It offers cross-platform trading through:

  • Its main website
  • Mobile app
  • WebSocket

The platform majorly traded on cryptocurrencies such as BTC, LTC, and Altcoin. Altcoin was disallowed on the platform as it lost much value.


Why Choose Cex.io?

  • Global coverage. It provides services in 99% countries in the world hence it has a global
  • Variety of payment options. It uses a variety of payment options which are popular. These include Mastercard, Visa. Cryptocurrency and bank transfers. Thus it offers the needed convenience for buy sale and trade bitcoins.
  • Best commissions. The platform charges 0% trade fees for makers. It also gives special consideration on transaction fee. It gives low fees for those who trade in high volumes.
  • High liquidity. The platform has one of the fastest order executions rates with low spreads one can get access to a high liquidity order book when dealing with top currency pairs.
  • Heightened Security. With the increase in the security concerns in online transactions, you can rest assured that your transfers and trades will be highly secured. The platform uses state of the art data encryption. It also gives full protection against DDoS attacks. The site also complies with PCI DSS Thus you are assured of strong security in bitcoin exchange.
  • Instant buy sale and trade bitcoins via a simplified bundle interface.


Superior Features of Cex.io


Multilevel account system. It gives a personalized approach to each customer regardless of being beginners or institutional traders.

Highly responsive support. The support team is on 24/7. They are swift and responsive to queries.

Blockchain updates. The site gives you the necessary information and bitcoin news such as blockchain summits and events.

Margin trading

No site offers top-notch bitcoin margin trading than Cex.io. This is a trading method where funds are borrowed for trading purposes. With this capability, one may trade beyond what their funds could let them. Cex.io offers 1:2 & 1:3 leverages at present accepting the following currency pairs:


They are contemplating to add more pairs shortly. You can check the relevant margin trading fees here.

The following perks are associated with margin trading on Cex.io:

  • Protection from negative balances. The system has a mechanism in place to bar you balance from hitting a negative value.
  • No extra accounts. You don’t have to open another margin account to trade with leverage.
  • Computing and borrowing are Once you have placed a position, borrowing of funds occurs simultaneously.

Bitcoin ATM and Bitcoin Address. Cex.io can serve as your bitcoin ATM and Bitcoin address. All you have to do is log in to their site and track the possible destination of payment. Also through the Bitcoin ATM, payout can be made.



How to Register and Get Started

If you want to quickly buy bitcoins or sell bitcoins for the US dollar or Euro, visit the buy/sell page and follow the procedure laid down.

If you want to trade cryptocurrency by use of limit and market order placements, visit the trade page.

To manage your finances (deposits and withdrawals), visit the finance page

Don’t forget to link your payment cards at the card manager section. It gives you quick access to finances and speeds ups deposits and withdrawals.

The value and of bitcoin and bitcoin price is ever increasing. Don’t be left out in the trade. Become an investor today.


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