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Among so many names in the world of cryptocurrency, Goldgate (BGG) has been setting the ground to make it big. Like any other altcoin or bitcoin, it is a decentralized digital currency. Its purpose, however, is to be the most user-friendly cryptocurrency that will fit the sophisticated modern technology criteria. Make your money work for you, and gain 48% interest per month by following the next link :


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Its management is planning to publicize the Goldgate (BGG) so as to provide greater opportunity to the general public, who wish to enter the cryptocurrency market at a competitive price. They clearly understand the philosophy of investing your hard earned money, especially if you are making an investment in an online platform. This is why Goldgate is very strict about providing a high level of security to its clients.

Although, its mechanism is similar to the other bitcoin exchanges, such as Coinbase, the main goal of Goldgate (BGG) is to form a lending platform build on the foundation of good reputation and trust with the Ethereum ecosystem. They use ethereum blockchain technology, which makes it possible for other developers to join the platform smoothly and without any hassle.

How Does Goldgate Work?

Goldgate planned to issue a token called BGG that could be bought during a token sale campaign or ICO (Initial Coin Offering) in November 2017. These are ERC20 tokens and can be stored in ERC20 compatible wallets. The initial price for these tokens is set to be 1 BGG = 1 USDT i.e., the average of the exchange rate from Poloniex and Bittrex. It was purely based on the smart contract and ethereum blockchain and the total supply was 26 million BGG.

You can buy a minimum of 50 BGG token and a maximum of 2000 token (per account in Crowdsale) and 5000 tokens (per account in Presale). You can purchase BGG in exchange of ethereum (ETH) and bitcoin (BTC). You can also deposit these cryptocurrencies via exchanges, such as bitfinex, bittrex, or poloniex. Goldgate allows you to deposit and withdraw ETH and BTC whenever you desire. The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.01 ETH or 0.1 BTC per transaction.

Just like bitcoin wallet, you can hold coins in a BGG wallet. Investors can withdraw BGG from their BGG wallet to ERC20 Ether wallet.

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It provides a great investment opportunity for those investors who want to reap benefits from the high-interest rates in exchange for maintaining the safety of the network. If you are a passive investor, it is a very safe alternative for you. You can reinvest the capital and the interest earned back into this lending platform in order to maximize your profits. It is quite flexible and a very low-risk investment with no tax implications.

However, the lending service will only be available if you buy Goldgate coin via its ICO with ethereum or bitcoin. Investors could get into early lending in the starting days of Goldgate ICO, which is approved within seconds with a click. You can make up to 48 percent profit per month that is quite high as compared to other platforms. The daily rate of interest varies between 1.2 percent and 2 percent. You can reinvest the profit earned, along with the capital to make more money.

With the starting amount of $100 – $1000 during 199 days (ICO duration), you get to earn up to 48 percent interest and a chance to win a bonus. At $1010 and $5000 for 150 days (ICO duration), you also get to have +0.15 percent daily interest rate, which is +0.25 percent for the amount between $5010 and $10,000, +0.30 percent for $10,010 – $100,000, and +0.35 percent for the amount above $100,010 within the ICO duration of 50 days.

Staking Opportunity

Just like lending service, staking opportunity will only be available if you buy a Goldgate coin from the ICO with ethereum or bitcoin first. This makes your Goldgate coin an interest-bearing asset that can generate up to 120 percent of return in a year. It is a great opportunity for those who want to make a stable investment by keeping coins in their BGG wallet.

Being an investor, you must know that you are required to hold BGG for at least 15 days before you start making money via staking interest. After the period of 15 days, there will be PoS (Proof of Stake) mining block in your wallet and the number of blocks you earn will depend on how many coins you have in your wallet software.


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Trading Opportunity

You can use the investment option to earn a profit on the price movement of the Goldgate coin. Investors who own BGG can join internal exchanges after the ICO finishes. However, you will only be able to avail trading services of Goldgate after BGG is listed on external and internal exchanges. It facilitates high leverage trading as you can consistently make a profit from high volatility by using the right strategy.

To summarize, Goldgate is using trading bots with defined algorithms to earn a real return and has capital protection plans in place to make sure the system operates smoothly. In the world of altcoin and bitcoin mining, it plans to redefine fundamental trends of digital currency with an aim to bring positivity in how digital currency is perceived five to ten years from now.

Goldgate aims to help individual investors and businesses in achieving financial growth by making successful investments.


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